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We offer comprehensive certified home inspector services for homes in Twin Cities, Big Lake, Cambridge, St. Cloud, Elk River and other nearby cities and counties in Minnesota (MN). In our 25 years of experience in Minnesota (MN), we have provided a comprehensive full home inspection, complete with high tech printed report, thermal imaging, and complete photos of areas that need attention.

It is important for you to get an ASHI Home Inspector so you are sure that you get a certified home inspector that will be inspecting the property, the ins and outs, the foundations and structural integrity of the property, as well as the seemingly tiny issues that may have been seen by the inspector during the full home inspection. Hawkeye Inspections LLC is the top certified home inspector who, true to its name, will inspect your property thoroughly. As a responsible home inspector, we will make sure that we will communicate with you all the possible problems we may see, so you are sure to have an informed decision before purchasing your property. A responsible ASHI Home Inspector will also help you familiarize with your prospective home, making sure you have a good understanding of the home and its specific features. We readily service in Twin Cities, Big Lake, Cambridge, St. Cloud, Elk River and other nearby cities and counties in Minnesota (MN).

Like a Hawkeye, We Notice the Little Things

It is our goal at Hawkeye Inspections LLC to put you at ease when purchasing your home because buying a home is a big investment. We want you to be reassured that the home that you chose is everything that you hope it would be. We want to be the ASHI Home Inspector that will guide you and help you with your full home inspection. Our top certified home inspectors are well versed in different kinds of properties, make, and built. We provide our ASHI Home Inspector services in Twin Cities, Big Lake, Cambridge, St. Cloud, Elk River and other nearby cities and counties in Minnesota (MN).

We have always made it a point to provide quality service and affordable home inspection for our clients. We want to be quick in providing you our initial findings and to walk you through every nook and cranny of your dream home because we want to give you the confidence in purchasing it. If you are in need of a proper understanding of your prospective place, give us a call so we can immediately schedule your home inspection.



We Notice the Little Things

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Quality Visual Inspections

It is our job to find what most people don’t find so you can make the most informed decision you can when purchasing your home.

full home inspection Big Lake MN

Qualitative Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a powerful tool that can identify problems that are potentially unseen visually.  Or verify that systems are working properly such as in floor heating.

full home inspection Twin Cities MN

Military Discounts

We are offering 10% discounts for Active Duty Military and Veterans. Thank You For Your Service!

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